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Best Cities in USA for Students

Absolutely, the United States also boasts several cities that are renowned for their universities and quality of life, making them attractive destinations for international students. Let’s take a look at some of the top cities in the USA for university study and student living

New York City, New York

The city that never sleeps, New York City, is a global hub for culture, finance, and innovation. With iconic landmarks, diverse communities, and a plethora of cultural events, international students can immerse themselves in a dynamic and cosmopolitan environment. Renowned universities such as Columbia and NYU offer a wealth of academic opportunities. Career prospects abound, especially in finance, technology, fashion, and the arts, making NYC an unrivaled destination for ambitious students.

  • Population: 18,713,000
  • Average International Fees: USD$46,100
  • Desirability Rank: 40th
  • Employer Activity Rank: 12th
  • Affordability Rank: 155th
  • Student View Rank: 7th

Los Angeles, California

Known as the entertainment capital of the world, Los Angeles beckons international students with its sunny climate and vibrant lifestyle. Home to Hollywood and a thriving arts scene, LA is perfect for those pursuing careers in film, television, and the creative arts. Top-notch universities like UCLA and USC provide educational excellence, while the city’s booming tech industry offers diverse career avenues.

  • Population: 4,016,000
  • Average International Fees: USD$50,600
  • Desirability Rank: 43rd
  • Employer Activity Rank: 18th
  • Affordability Rank: 138st
  • Student View Rank: 14th
los angeles

Boston, Massachusetts

Steeped in history and intellectual legacy, Boston is a mecca for students seeking academic rigor. With institutions like Harvard and MIT, the city is a hotbed for research and innovation. The robust healthcare and biotechnology sectors also present promising career prospects. The city’s rich cultural heritage and charming neighborhoods offer a unique blend of tradition and modernity.

  • Population: 4,688,000
  • Average International Fees: USD$59,000
  • Desirability Rank: 33rd
  • Employer Activity Rank: 3rd
  • Affordability Rank: 154th
  • Student View Rank: 6th

San Francisco, California

A tech enthusiast’s paradise, San Francisco is synonymous with Silicon Valley’s innovation and entrepreneurship. International students drawn to cutting-edge technology and startup culture find an ideal home here. The proximity to prestigious institutions such as Stanford and UC Berkeley enhances educational opportunities. The city’s breathtaking landscapes and progressive values contribute to a unique and forward-thinking experience.

  • Population: 895,000
  • Average International Fees: USD$49,700
  • Desirability Rank: 44th
  • Employer Activity Rank: 4th
  • Affordability Rank: 152nd
  • Student View Rank:26th
san francisco

Chicago, Illinois

The Windy City combines Midwestern charm with urban vibrancy. Chicago’s diverse economy spans finance, manufacturing, and technology. With institutions like the University of Chicago, the city offers a balanced blend of academic excellence and a thriving job market. International students can engage with a rich cultural scene, from renowned museums to world-class cuisine.

  • Population: 2,694,000
  • Average International Fees: USD$42,800
  • Desirability Rank: 41st
  • Employer Activity Rank: 26th
  • Affordability Rank: 134th
  • Student View Rank: 60th

Washington, D.C


As the nation’s capital, Washington, D.C. is a political and cultural powerhouse. Students can immerse themselves in the political arena while attending esteemed institutions like Georgetown University. The city’s international community fosters networking opportunities, particularly in government, diplomacy, and international relations.

  • Population: 721,000
  • Average International Fees: USD$42,200
  • Desirability Rank: 42nd
  • Employer Activity Rank: 104th
  • Affordability Rank: 132th
  • Student View Rank: 24th
washinton dc

Austin, Texas

Known for its live music scene and tech-friendly atmosphere, Austin is a rising star among international students. The city’s affordability, coupled with institutions like the University of Texas, make it an attractive destination. With a burgeoning tech sector and a reputation as a creative hub, Austin offers promising career paths in technology, music, and entrepreneurship.

  • Population: 2,228,000
  • Average International Fees: USD$41,070
  • Desirability Rank: 64th
  • Employer Activity Rank: 131st
  • Affordability Rank: 115th
  • Student View Rank: 77th

Ranking Formula

USA’s best cities to study and live in are ranked based on three things.


The USA boasts a high standard of living, providing students with a conducive environment for personal and academic growth. With world-renowned institutions and cutting-edge facilities, students are immersed in an educational milieu that fosters innovation and critical thinking.


Cost of Living

While the cost of living in the USA is a consideration, the potential return on investment is substantial. Oli and Associates understand the financial aspects and ensure that students are well-informed about budgeting and available resources. Scholarships, part-time work opportunities, and internships further alleviate financial burdens, making the USA an accessible destination for those with a thirst for knowledge and ambition.

Career Opportunities

The USA stands as a global economic powerhouse, offering unparalleled career prospects for international graduates. With an ecosystem that encourages entrepreneurship and innovation, students find themselves at the epicenter of groundbreaking industries, fostering a pathway to a successful and rewarding career.


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