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New Zealand

  • Nestled in the enchanting embrace of the southwestern Pacific Ocean, New Zealand stands as an unparalleled destination for international students pursuing academic excellence. With its commitment to innovation, inclusivity, and sustainable living, New Zealand has become synonymous with a holistic student experience that transcends the confines of classrooms. Boasting world-class education and a vibrant cultural tapestry, the country offers not only exceptional learning opportunities but also an environment conducive to personal growth and exploration.
    • Quality of Living:
    • New Zealand consistently ranks high in global quality of life indices, boasting a pristine natural environment, a rich cultural heritage, and a society that values diversity. The nation's landscapes range from breathtaking mountains to serene beaches, providing students with an immersive experience that extends beyond the academic realm.

    • Safety for International Students:
    • Safety is paramount in New Zealand, where a robust legal framework and a welcoming community ensure a secure environment for international students. The country consistently ranks among the safest in the world, fostering a sense of well-being for those pursuing their academic dreams far from home.

    • Career Opportunities:
    • Renowned for its forward-thinking economy, New Zealand offers a wealth of career opportunities for graduates. The country's innovative industries, including technology, agriculture, and renewable energy, are experiencing significant growth. Graduates often find themselves in demand globally, with a favorable post-study work visa policy allowing them to kickstart their careers on an international stage.

    • Cost of Living:
    • Contrary to misconceptions, New Zealand provides an affordable yet high-quality lifestyle for international students. The cost of living is competitive compared to other popular study destinations, with various accommodation options, public transportation subsidies, and affordable healthcare contributing to a balanced and accessible lifestyle.

  • If you are looking to earn an affordable international degree with worldwide acceptance, search no more.New Zealand has already started becoming a popular destination for students who wish to get quality education at an affordable price with cost of living and tuition fees much cheaper than USA, Australia, UK or Canada. It is a beautiful country with minimal entry requirements providing a safe and stable environment for quality learning and living. Home to 8 universities that are placed in the QS World Ranking 2018, New Zealand today has gained worldwide recognition for its globally recognized qualifications and excellent pedagogy.Learn More

  • The top faculties in New Zealand are:
    • Business Management, Accounting & Finance
    • IT & Computer
    • Education, Social Work & Social Science
    • Hospitality & Tourism
    • Health Science & Medicine
    • Engineering
    • Law
    • Science
    • Architecture, Design & Planning
    • Creative Arts & Mass Communication
    • Music & Arts
    • Economics

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  • Scholarships in New Zealand are available to students globally to pursue their education in the country. New Zealand offers a range of scholarships to support students at various levels of study, from undergraduate to postgraduate and doctoral degrees. Here's a short description of scholarships in New Zealand for Nepalese Students:New Zealand Development Scholarships: This is a government scholarship for international students, including Nepalese students, to pursue postgraduate study in New Zealand. The scholarship covers tuition fees, living expenses, travel costs, and other allowances.PhD Scholarships: There are scholarships specifically for international students who wish to pursue a PhD in New Zealand. These scholarships typically cover the tuition fees for the duration of the program.

    To browse through more institution based scholarships provided by individual providers, contact Oli and Associate or Click Here.

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  • We are associated with reputed universities and colleges in all major cities of New Zealand for fulfilling the dream to study in New Zealand for Nepali students.Learn More

  • New Zealand has some of the top cities in the world for university study and for students to live in. They offer the combination of excellent universities and high living standards.It is interesting to compare New Zealand cities as places for university study. While there are many similarities, each city has its own qualities. For students coming to study abroad, knowing about the different cities can be useful. It helps to choose a university city and make the most of what the place has to offer.Learn More

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