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Established under the umbrella of AIBT Global, the Australia Institute of Business and Technology, commonly referred to as AIBT, is a distinguished private educational institution renowned for its provision of vocational and training programs catering to a diverse international student body. AIBT holds accreditation from TAFE (Technical and Further Education institutes), exemplifying its commitment to delivering high-quality education. With a comprehensive portfolio encompassing over 90 programs, AIBT extends its educational offerings to more than 9,000 students hailing from across 90 nations, all of whom are pursuing higher education within Australia.

The admission process at AIBT is characterized by its accessibility, particularly due to its array of certificate courses and diploma programs. Nevertheless, prospective candidates are expected to demonstrate a commendable academic performance, with a minimum GPA of 3.0 or above, in addition to fulfilling all the standard admission requisites.

AIBT’s track record of achievement shines through its impressive graduation rate, exceeding 85%. In line with its commitment to nurturing students’ aspirations to pursue higher education in Australia, AIBT provides an array of resources and support mechanisms. These include job-ready programs, professional counseling services, a dedicated team of full-time trainers, diverse placement opportunities, and an easily accessible student support system.

Australia Institute of Business and Technology (AIBT) stands as a Registered Training Organisation (RTO), delivering nationally recognized courses validated by industry experts. AIBT’s commitment lies in offering tailored study options that cater to individual needs, providing a conducive and supportive learning environment backed by affordable fees and flexible payment plans.

AIBT prioritizes practical learning experiences for students, offering simulated labs, engineering workshops, and training restaurants that align with current industry standards. Their high-tech virtual classrooms enable global access to real-time/recorded classes for online learners. With ample funding, AIBT ensures access to cutting-edge software and hardware. The institution’s library hosts a vast collection of books, journals, and online resources, complemented by comfortable student lounges and common areas, as well as food places for relaxation and rejuvenation.

The institute’s primary focus revolves around enhancing employability by emphasizing practical skills intertwined with theoretical learning. AIBT’s curriculum is carefully designed to equip graduates with relevant skills required to succeed in their chosen fields. With robust industry connections, students benefit from numerous internship, work placement, and networking opportunities. AIBT extends comprehensive career guidance and support services, offering assistance with CV preparation, interview readiness, and job placements.

Business Management, Accounting & Finance:

Unlock the art of strategic decision-making and financial prowess. From deciphering numbers to steering enterprises toward success, Business Management, Accounting, and finance faculty delve deep into the mechanics of commerce, offering insights into managing resources, optimizing profits, and navigating the intricate world of global markets.

IT & Computer:

Explore the limitless realm of technology! Dive into the heart of innovation, coding marvels, and digital landscapes. From crafting cutting-edge software to deciphering complex algorithms, IT & Computers is the gateway to shaping the future of interconnected systems and revolutionizing the digital sphere.

Education, Social Work & Social Science:

Empower communities and transform lives. Education, Social Work and social Science is dedicated to nurturing minds, understanding societal dynamics, and advocating for change. From shaping the educators of tomorrow to championing social justice, it’s a beacon of hope, fostering inclusive environments and addressing societal challenges.

Hospitality & Tourism:

Embark on a journey where service meets experience. Hospitality & Tourism caters to the art of hospitality, infusing it with the essence of cultural richness. It’s the gateway to a world where impeccable guest service, management finesse, and cultural appreciation converge, creating unforgettable experiences for travelers worldwide.

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  • Mount Gravatt
  • Blacktown
  • Hobart
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