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When it is the people in the society who have contributed to making us the No.1 in the industry, we ought to give back to them and enhance their development. In this regard, we have been involved in numerous social activities that keep us connected with the society.

Oli & Associates Inter-College Futsal Tournament in Association with ACU.

Oli & Associates Warm Clothing Distribution Program for the Needy.

Oli & Associates Australia, Platinum Sponsor of St. George Nepalese Club (SGNC).

Proud title sponsor – Oli & Associates

We have sponsored various social and recreational events such as volleyball, table tennis, soccer, and more. Additionally, we have contributed to various community-based organizations that promote culture, social integration, and education. Not just limited to sponsorship, we have taken part in clothes distribution events for differently abled people. Likewise, to empower young minds and for their growth, we have organized various workshops and boot camps focused on skill development, leadership, public speaking, etc. Along with these, we supported needy students during the dire time of COVID-19. Our initiative merely helped the needy ones to fulfill their basic needs. This is not just where our social responsibility ends, we look forward to helping every needy one in the coming future too.

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