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Diploma of ESI – Power Systems

  • The EIT Diploma of ESI – Power Systems and Advanced Diploma of ESI – Power Systems are meticulously crafted to ensure individuals and their organizations remain at the forefront of the electrical supply industry. By enrolling in these programs, students acquire specialized skills essential for roles such as High Voltage Substation Project Manager, Senior Systems Operator, or Power Systems Technical Officer within the electricity supply sector. The curriculum encompasses overseeing the construction of electrical substations and related projects within the industry while focusing on personnel management, project administration, and providing expert advice to address everyday challenges.

    Completion of all core units and a selection of electives allows students to tailor the program to their specific career goals. It’s worth noting that the skills and knowledge obtained in these qualifications may necessitate licensing or permits to practice within the workplace. Verification of additional conditions as per state and territory legislative requirements is advised before starting the course. Upon successfully finishing the UET50 Diploma of ESI – Power Systems and UET602 Advanced Diploma of ESI – Power Systems, students gain:

    • Proficiency in the latest technologies in electricity supply and power systems
    • Expert guidance from global electricity systems industry (ESI) leaders
    • Accredited Australian Diplomas in ESI – Power Systems, providing enhanced career prospects
    • Networking opportunities within the industry, paving the way for improved career options.
    • Total Tuition Fee: $5,202.19.00
  • To enroll in Diploma of ESI-Power Systems, applicants must collect the following before applying:

    • Minimum qualification High School- 10+2
    • Letter of Recommendation
    • English Language Proficiency Requirements.
    • Transcripts of all previous academic degrees (To be translated in English and approved by the translator

    To know more on admission deadlines and requirements, contact Oli and the Associate’s counselor!

Updated on February 11th, 2024

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