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Diploma of Business

  • Embark on a transformative academic journey with the Diploma of Business at ATMC, Australia—a gateway to guaranteed entry into the second year of the Bachelor of Business. This globally recognized program empowers students with real-world knowledge, addressing common business challenges. Enjoy personalized attention in smaller class sizes, fostering one-on-one interactions with teachers.
    Key Program Features:

    • Two-stage progression covering management, creativity, innovation, marketing, and contemporary business in stage one, followed by accounting, economics, statistics, and fundamentals of law in stage two.
    • Specialized classes and additional English support services for a solid grasp of business content.

    Upon completion of the Diploma, graduates are equipped for diverse roles in the business landscape, including:

    • Accountant
    • Banker
    • Business Analyst
    • Business Director
    • Change Management Consultant
    • Corporate Finance Professional
    • Digital Business Strategist, etc
  • To enroll in the Diploma of Business, applicants must collect the following before applying:

    • Minimum CGPA of 2.4 in High School – 10 + 2
    • Letter of Recommendation
    • Transcripts of all previous academic degrees (To be translated into English and approved by a translator)

    To know more about admission deadlines and requirements, contact Oli and the Associate’s counselor

Updated on February 11th, 2024

About Australian Technical & Management College (ATMC)

  • ATMC distinguishes itself by offering a spectrum of degree programs delivered within a personalized and pragmatic learning milieu, underscored by a robust emphasis on establishing connections with the global industry landscape. Learn More

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