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Advanced Diploma of Information Technology

  • The Advanced Diploma of Information Technology at Abbey College, Australia, caters to individuals excelling in specialist technical or managerial skills within the ICT sector. Tailored for experienced professionals, this qualification sharpens expertise in diverse technical domains essential for specialized ICT roles, enabling students to lead teams, work independently, or drive strategic business directions.

    What students learn in the course:

    • Advanced data management: Designing and monitoring intricate systems for optimized knowledge management within organizations.
    • Cybersecurity: Safeguarding sensitive data through innovative security architectures and developing contingency plans for disaster recovery.
    • Full stack web development: Crafting advanced user interfaces, creating REST APIs, and designing user experience solutions.
    • Further programming: Implementing sophisticated ICT languages to ensure data security and management.
    • IT strategy and organizational development: Steering strategic ICT solutions and effectively communicating them within businesses.

    This program nurtures individuals to operate independently or lead teams strategically in specialized ICT domains.

    • January
    • April
    • July
    • October
  • To enroll in Advanced Diploma of Information Technology, it is vital that applicants collect the following prior to applying:

    • Overall percentage of 45% in High School OR 10 + 2
    • Letter of Recommendation
    • English Language Proficiency Requirements (IELTS Overall Band Score 5.5 with no band below 5.5)
    • Transcripts of all previous academic degrees (To be translated in English and approved by the translator

    To know more on admission deadlines and requirements, contact Oli and the Associate’s counselor!

Updated on February 12th, 2024

About Abbey College

  • Abbey College Australia has garnered commendation as an esteemed institution, particularly renowned for its contributions in the realms of Arts, Science, Engineering, Law, and related fields. We extend an invitation to prospective scholars to embark upon an enriching odyssey, forging a partnership for success and charting a course towards a future resplendent with promise, guided by the distinguished legacy of Abbey College Australia. Learn More

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