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Nursing & Health Sciences

Nursing & Health Sciences

For the motivated and energetic individuals who want to make a positive impact on people’s health, nursing and health sciences are the best options. The high demand for health workers round the globe is also an attraction for individuals with an interest in the field of health and nursing. The Nursing degree ranges from certificate programs to degrees and doctorates

The specialization options for health sciences ranges from anatomy, physiology, pharmacy, radiography, neurophysiology, microbiology, epidemiology, and immunology and so on. Similarly, for nursing a list of choices on oncology, mental health, neonatal field, public nursing, etc. have a large number of options to choose from. An advanced degree in health sciences assures higher positions at work. With the post of a Certified Nurse, Healthcare Administrator, Therapists, Lab Technicians, Pharmacy Technicians, and many more these courses provide a wide array of career options with Salaries ranging from $50,000 to $150,000 a year.

So, if a career in the fields of health and nursing with globally recognized degrees in health with an attractive pay is your goal, there are dozens of courses and degrees you can decide and choose from.



Nursing is a profession focused towards health care of individuals, families and communities. They are focused in taking care of their communities so that these people can maintain their optimal health. Nurses plan and work with physicians to raise quality of life. They work to treat and cure illness.

Nursing degrees are short and you can finish it as early as 2 years. Plus, you can also start working right away. Registered nurses also earn an average pay above $70,000. So, if you can see yourself in this position in the future, go ahead and pursue the course of your dreams.

Child Care

Child care courses are so much in demand in the world that in Australia it is listed as a skilled workers list that offers a 457 Visa.These courses are designed to help you develop skills that can help young kids to start well at their early stage in life.

Only a few people find children refreshing and interesting. However, some people feel energized being around them. If you think you are one of them, you could start developing yourself through this course.

Public Health

There is an option of a public health degree at both graduate and undergraduate level and so is the demand for public health workers. Similarly, you have an option to complete your doctorate on public health as well.

Millions of people are alive today with the help of vaccinations, and various health initiatives that generate awareness. There is more to public health than just taking care of yourself. This sector covers a broader range of health concerns than just individuals.

There are career options like teaching, clinical services coordinators, directors, a community health worker and so on. So, if you are interested in serving the society of a greater good, register for this course.


In Australia alone the physiotherapy industry grew by 3.3% in between 2014-2019. And the BLS has projected the growth rate of 39% for 2020 in USA.

Also known as physical therapy, this course offers a range of degrees. There are diplomas you could pursue or get undergraduate and graduate degrees under it.

A physiotherapist works to facilitate and help illness and injuries that limit people’s ability to move. So, with the increasing aging population worldwide, you could develop a career in this sector with the help of these courses.


More and more people are becoming aware of their health now. So, they are more inclined to nutritionists and dieticians to help them maintain a healthy life style.

Nutrition courses help you understand food science and now it can be used in both health and medicinal purpose to prevent and cure illness.

Almost 40.8 percent of nutritionists end up as health professionals. As per US LBS, the demand for nutritionists is expected to increase by 21% between 2021 and 2022. So, this is probably best place to invest your time and energy for developing a strong career.

Community Health Service

Making a difference in the society is the perfect way to describe the vision of a community health worker. The demand in this industry is expected to increase by 18% by 2026. This is one more reason to pursue this degree.

There is more prospect in this sector for people with formal degrees. The average salary as per BLS was $40,000 for this job, which is higher than the national average in USA. You can potentially earn more than that if you are good with the job. For this reason, this health degree could be a very viable and stable career option.

Disability Care Management

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