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Hospitality and Tourism

Hospitality and Tourism

An eagerness for travelling and a keen eye for detail and organization are the two main things you need to have for pursuing a degree in hospitality and tourism. This area offers a large pool of opportunity for travel, event planning, and foreign dealing and so on. Anyone with an interest to build their careers in any of these fields has a list of course options.

Hotel and restaurant management, catering, commercial cookery, event management, tourism management are all facets of hospitality and tourism sector. The need for hospitality staffs are only increasing but the number of skilled individuals currently cannot fulfill this requirement. So, you can decide from the great variety of opportunities that this industry provides to develop yourself and your career in a field that is globally booming.


Hotel Management

Hospitality and Tourism industry requires people that can facilitate their need of industry specific business transactions. The average pay of a hotel manager was $53,000 during may 2018.

A hotel management degree graduate can handle hospitality business much better than someone with a simple business management degree. So, if in the future your aim is to work in a hospitality sector, hotel management is the best degree to pursue right now.


There are universities that specialize specially in catering under the hospitality management industry. These bachelor’s degrees in catering will normally take between 3-4 years to complete. The salary is similar to hotel managers and so are the career options. However, under this course you specifically study about catering in hospitality industry.

Commercial Cookery

There are just so many options under cookery studies. In Australia you can study cookery under institutions or universities that offer such courses.

There are diploma courses that can lead you towards the hospitality industry. If you have a fascination for cooking and food, but don’t want to spend years learning about hotel industries, this could be the best course for you.

Event Management

There is more and more demand for event managers around the world. With a degree in event management you can work for various companies or you can invest in your own business if you are interested in it.

Event management course if offered in the under-graduate and graduate levels around the world. An event planner earns an average of $52,000.

Tourism Management

There is bachelor’s degree in the related fields of tourism management offered by various universities in Australia. There are also small and short courses in this field that you can pursue in case of interest.

Travel guides, bloggers, vloggers are the most lucrative careers under tourism management.

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