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Creative Industries

Creative Industries

If your interest in career is to have a job with a mix of creativity, communication and technology the course in creative industry is the best option for you. These courses include a vast range of sectors from, media and technology, communication, arts, performance to design. An individual with an urge to develop a career with flexible programs that leads into building personal knowledge and maintain a set of niche skills is highly encouraged to explore its courses. It includes courses like 2D animation, 3D Design and Animation, Digital Design, Film and Interactive Media, Music and Games.

The major career options include acting, advertising and marketing, areas such as copywriting and content writing, art and design, product, graphic and fashion design, photography and video, journalism, music and so on. There is a huge opportunity for growth intellectually as well as financially in any of these fields. So, if any of these terms are of your interest and makes you want to pursue a life as such a course offered in this field can be your best option.


2D Animation

This degree normally has 3 years of courses planned undress the graduate degree program. These degrees and courses will help you hone your skills and use your talent into making something creative. The career options are unlimited. The percentage of self-employed workers are more than 50% of the designers. Followed by motion industries and video industries. In USA, the average animators earn about $60,000a year.


There are courses offering bachelor’s degree, master’s degree and even Ph.D. in animations in Australia. The demand for animators and designers are increasing.

There are companies like Disney that hire talented students. And having a degree in animation could help you end up in the company of your dream.

3D Design

There are various diplomas, undergraduate and graduate degree that you can bag in order to work as a graphic or visual designer.

Getting this degree from an accredited university or institution might help you get the job of your dreams. The courses are designed to improve your knowledge and understanding of arts and the use of technology to enhance the creativity.

Digital Design

Under digital design, you can study graphical designing courses. The bachelors in graphic design courses is normally 3 years long. These designers normally design visual concepts and ideas to captivate people and consumers.

They are normally required to complete their bachelor’s degree in order to be eligible to work for such sectors. Nonetheless, there are technical courses that you can take if you have a bachelor’s degree in other courses.

Interactive Media- Film

There is a huge demand for media and communication workers around the world. There are many career options that these creative people can pursue.

The courses normally range from 3 to 4 years in terms of duration. There are many institutions and universities that teach courses related to interactive media. The students can also take a major according to their preference such as digital arts and design, media applications and so on.


According the BLS, during 2017 the major occupations under audio related works were: rental and leasing services, motion and video industries followed by colleges, radios and television broadcasting.

The mean annual wage for the workers was about $47,500. There is a huge number of independent artists, performers and writers that prefer working on their work after their studies.


There are dozens of option for music courses in Australia and the demand is distributed all around the world. A degree in music depends upon the specialization and courses chosen. Typically, it takes between 1 to 4 years to complete these courses.

There is an endless list of options after completing your studies. You can work independently, produce music, write music, play instruments, sing as a background musician and so much more. More importantly with the help of this degree you can enhance your musical skills and shape your career as you prefer.


There are dozens of different game development courses in Australia alone. From diplomas to undergraduate and graduate degree, these courses helps people to design interactive gaming contents.

Using your degree, you can work for large gaming Quy Technologies, Cubix, or Promatics and many more. You can also develop your own games and businesses. There is a huge potential for developing a successful career with the help of these degrees. So, give them a go.


Under the music degrees, you can also opt for vocal courses. Not only can you opt for courses, but there are also provisions for post graduate research programs.

These degrees provide you a deeper knowledge about voice, writing and singing. The major career options after your studies are Opera singer, Concert singer, music researcher, music writer, critic, Professional singer or vocal coach and teacher.


Although there are many actors without a degree, but in order to enhance your skills, getting a formal education can be very helpful. A bachelor’s degree in acting is normally around 3 years

These classes will prepare you for your career ahead in acting and also help you sharpen your skills. The biggest chunk of employment sector in acting is self-employment. In 2018, there were around 65000 jobs in acting.

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