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Art and Social Sciences

Art and Social Sciences

Developing a career in arts and social sciences will grow your creativity while also building critical thinking, analytical reasoning and other similar skills. It’s an excellent career option because it helps gain hands on experience at life. As a social science student you can study across various areas of discipline. There are opportunities of gaining international experiences through exchange degrees. A study of arts provides one with options of research, address global and significant issues. The contributions made by arts and humanities students are valuable across our societies. The aspects of arts and social sciences are vastly ranging from journalism, communication, sociology, history, and politics to designing.

The fact that are students are high on commitment, desire and ability to constantly improve their own performance is reflected by the large number of graduates from these courses who have become global leaders of companies and politics.

The post educations career options for arts degree is huge. From starting your own business to working for major corporations, working for social works, economics, the opportunities are huge.


Applied Arts

There are a lot of scoped under the applied arts. This can include graphic designing to painting or teaching and so on.

The universities that offer such type of degrees provide such courses at undergraduate, graduate and post graduate levels. You can select you majors and study the course that you like under the applied art. Your career depends upon which major you take.

Liberal Arts

There are liberal arts degree in bachelors and masters level in Australia that can help you gain the skills that you need from an arts course.

Liberal arts degrees are integrative and normally take around 3-4years to complete.


Career options like teachers, technical writers, artists, counselors, public agent etc are the result of a humanities degree.

A course in humanities can be at any level, graduate or undergraduate. These courses prepare you for your career in arts and creativity.

Fine Arts

A fine art degree is designed to hone your skills and understanding in a nurturing environment. With these courses you will be learning about your passion and shared interest.

These courses will prepare you at the same time you can be ready for a career in the arts. With an undergraduate degree in fine arts you will have a foundation knowledge on arts. There are also specialization options such as visual arts, contemporary arts, arts management, creative analysis, literature and so on.


Politics makes one know the essence of power, how it is created, exercised, justified and challenged. A political degree will enhance your leadership ability.

It will enhance the knowledge on democracy, war, law, rights, wealth and authority as well as the institutions that shape and secure them. In the past politics was just in practice but now the Australian universities are offering a course on it.

International Studies

In today’s global platform international studies course offers a multidisciplinary approach to international issues and global connections. This course also builds up your ability to communicate and work with the diverse workforce.

Australian Universities have been preparing students with International studies to be able to work globally. A person with international studies degree will be able to understand the global market and people.

Media and Journalism

Today one of the demanded courses is the media and journalism. You will not only gain a good writing skill but also enhance your reporting skill. The Australian universities prepare you for incisive interviews, gathering salient information and writing narratives with style and clarity.

A media journalist earns an average of $67000 annually. So if you are expressive in nature then you might prefer putting your thoughts into words and speaking them up to people.


In order to reach out your say it is a must to communicate well. You can express yourself well if your communication skill is strong enough. Some people lack the confidence to give their opinion of even talk to others.

In such a case a course in communication will help to boost your confidence and present yourself to others. Communication is a must in every field so this course will benefit you wherever you go.


After completing the sociology course you will be able to study the society and social behavior. Not only a sociologist but the educators, law makers, administrators and social workers use sociology to solve problems.

The average annual salary for sociologist is $82050. If you are an outgoing person then sociology can be an interesting course for you since data collection and analysis is one of its main tasks.


History courses help you to examine the past through critical approaches and investigate on the historical evidences. A degree in history will help you get jobs like Archivist, Heritage manager, Museum education officer and Archaeologist.

The Australian universities provide several attractive history courses. If you are a critical thinker and research oriented person then history courses can turn out to be interesting for you.


Philosophers use the tool of logic and reason to analyze the ways in which human beings experience the world. It teaches critical thinking, close reading, clear writing, and logical analysis; it uses these to understand the language we use to describe the world, and our place within it.

Therefore if you are curious to learn and have a humble approach to knowledge, philosophy is the right course for you.


Fashion today has been an integral part of our personality and society. To have a successful career in fashion one needs to learn the ability to develop an eye for fashion.

To survive in this $2.4 trillion industry, things like color, detail, balance, and proportion should all come naturally to you. There are various different types of fashion courses you can pursue learn the essence of fashion and make an impact in this field.


Psychology can help you better understand yourself as well as others. A person with the knowledge of psychology can understand human behavior and the mental process. If you are considering studying psychology you already know that it is one of the most fascinating subjects to study.

With the rise in the awareness related to mental health, the demand for psychologists is more than ever, not just in the medical institutions but in corporations and other businesses as well.

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