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Architecture and Building

Architecture and Building

Courses on architecture, building and planning are widely known for creating students with ability to imagine, design and construction for the future. These degrees include the technicalities of designing and construction of the physical structures and buildings.

If you have a knack for design and construction of structures, this is a very rewarding field. The studies are mostly long and time taking but its study ensures a stable career path. Not only is this field popular but is also very competitive and demanding, Studying this course requires particular set of skills and combination of creativity and logical reasoning. It requires the understanding of mathematics, engineering, modern technology and cultural trends.

The courses available include the areas of interior designing, construction, electronics, architecture and urban planning and development. These courses include a lot of travel and field trips included in their curriculum. The average earning of an architect ranges from $40k to $100k.



The growth of employment demand in architecture is growing at an average rate of 4%. The median pay of these architects is $79,000 per year as per the Bureau of Labour statistics. These architects plan and design various properties, business factories, buildings and other similar structures. You can complete a 5 years’ bachelors degree to become one.


There are various construction courses and degrees available from undergraduate, graduate and diploma courses. Normally, these graduates pursue a career of construction managers. The construction managers typically earn about $94,000 a year as per BLS. The managers are supposed to plan, coordinate the budget and supervise the complete construction plan.


There are several ways of earning an electronics degree. You can pursue engineering and major on electronics or you can directly study courses that are related to engineering or electronics. The median pay for them is around $100,000 per year.

Interior Design

This is one of the most interesting jobs right now. People who are creative and have an interest in developing something of their own can pursue this career. The median pay of interior designers during 2018 was $53,000 as per BLS. Normally they prefer a bachelor’s degree with a focus on either interior décor or architecture.

Urban Planning and Development

With an increase in population and housing, there is a demand for planners that plan areas at large. They plan, develop, and use plans and programs for communities. The growth in the demand for these people is 11% from 2018-2028.

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