Accommodations for International Students in Australia

Australia is one of the major countries chosen by international students to pursue their studies. After months of preparation, planning and all the paperwork and a successful visa application one of the main concerns of students after moving to Australia is to find the right type of accommodation. Problems may arise even though there is no shortage of accommodation in Australia.

Here are some of the things that the student should keep in mind to find the right and proper accommodation.

  • Make plans for accommodation as soon as you receive a letter of acceptance from the college.
  • Don't hesitate to take advice.
  • Try to find accommodation options through different websites, look for reviews and testimonials
  • Take care of the costs and facilities included and excluded in the accommodation, such as utility bills.
  • Take time to read the contract and documents carefully before entering into an agreement.
  • The distance between the accommodation and the college must be considered, including the mode of transport available.
  • Consider shopping centers, hospitals and other basic facilities are available nearby.

Now, let's talk about some of the accommodation choices that you could find helpful in selecting and staying with.

On Campus Accommodation

It would be very convenient for foreign students to stay at or near the campus themselves. You should get in touch with the campus in order to get this housing. This provides well-furnished rooms with convenient access to facilities such as WiFi, libraries, meals and room cleaning depending on the campus. This helps to cut travel costs and a great place to live in. Costs of apartments at the residential college differ along with the amenities provided. You should expect to pay between AUD $200 and AUD $750 for weekly services, though.


It is also an essential and comfortable form of accommodation to choose from. It provides all services, including food, utilities and a homely atmosphere. The price of the stay can vary depending on the room provided, the location and the facilities provided. It's mostly popular with students enrolled in short-term courses. It also helps to exchange culture and an appropriate homely environment. The cost can vary depending on what type of homestay you select. Depending on the type of meals, accommodation, and services, you should expect to pay between AUD$250 and AUD$400 per week.


This is a choice for students who want to live alone or with their flat mates. It has no furniture or pre-furnished and it has to pay for utilities. Usually, the real estate agent helps locate the property. Payment is generally made in advance. The security deposit shall be made, which is normally one month's rent paid in advance and the rental agreement shall be made. The cost of renting a flat varies. You should foresee paying about $110 AUD and $500 AUD per week. You'll need to pay for food and services yourself, however.

Short term Accommodation

Hotels, hostels and guest houses are included in short term accommodation. International students choose this form of accommodation as soon as they fly to Australia to get acquainted with the new city and people. Rooms are private with shared kitchens and bathrooms. Students need to cook for themselves in these types of accommodation compared with on-campus accommodation. And, this type of accommodation is much cheaper. It'll cost you from AUD $90 to AUD $150 a week depending on the type of short term accommodation you want.

Student Shared Apartment

It is the purpose built accommodation for the college students or near to the college. It encompasses all facilities such as security and utilities. The student has the right to choose either single or shared rooms. The apartment contains recreational areas as well as study areas. Students pursuing their degrees in later years generally choose to live in apartments. The cost depends on one apartment to another. Somewhere between AUD $160 and AUD $500 a week you can expect to pay. It includes utilities like power, gas water and the internet.

Boarding Schools

This form of accommodation is provided by private secondary schools with all amenities, such as well-furnished rooms, meals, laundry, social activities and even academic tutoring. It provides the family environment with the necessary support for the student's proper development. The cost of boarding school is about AUD$ 11,000 to $22,000 per annum.

There are numerous accommodation options off-campus and on-campus as mentioned above. By careful research one would select suitable accommodation, taking note of the budget and facilities provided. Also, the cost of accomodation varies from city to city and from neighbourhood to neighbourhood.

In our experience, Nepali students studying in Australia tend to prefer shared accomodation where students pay AUD $ 160 - 200 per week per person on average.

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